I live and work in Providence, Rhode Island, with my lovely wife, Diane Lee and our amazing dog, Sherman.

I like to take photos with my big camera(s) and my iPhone.

I make podcasts with a variety of people, including Baseball Tangents with Jeff Hayward, Fizzy Water with Nikhil Naier, I Make No Promises with Lauren Davis and Fascinated, which is with a whole bunch of people.

I sometimes make something resembling music, most often with an app called Auxy

I also make some geometric things with a nifty iPhone app called Isometric.

I don’t have comments on this blog as I find online comment sections all too often descend into a cesspool of the worst humanity. That said, if you’d like to get in touch because you are a delightful human being, you can email me at feedback [at] kydlo [dot] com

This is sort of what I look like