These are just silly. But boy oh boy do I enjoy them.

It seems all to fitting that track that starts to play at the end of Ken Block’s video would be M.I.A.’s Bad Girls. This feels like how music videos should be, epic, beautiful, ridiculous.

The Road Not Taken 

As you slide away from the curb, the sound of the electric drive motor hardly rises above a whisper. A few blocks from home, you steer the car into a special lane, and pull a lever under the dash. The front wheels lock in straight-ahead position. Simultaneously, the side-hatch door slides back and an electric third-rail shoe folds out. It makes contact with a power rail, the flanged wheels roll onto rails of a track, and your car accelerates at a controlled rate of 0.3g. You twirl a dial until you see ‘Fifth Street’ appear in a small window. Seconds later, as your car enters a main guideway at exactly 60 mph, you open the paper and begin scanning the news.

Fascinating long form article. This is near to my ideal vision for public transit.

The delightfully opposite of efficient public transit and another

Source: The road not taken : The Verge

Scratch Circles

David Marvin's Scratch Circle

This is a photo of a scratch circle taken by David Marvin

However, the lack of snow and ice on the beaches has allowed unique features called scratch circles, or Scharrkreise, to form on the sand. Etched by windblown, dried dune grasses, the circles take shape when the wind causes a bent stalk of grass to pivot around on its axis, scratching out an arc or full circle in the sand.

Source: Scratch circle and Earth Science Picture of the Day

Further Reading

This makes me think of Andy Goldsworthy and some of his work.