Chris Sale Tipping His Own Pitches?

Super fascinating breakdown of one potential reason, the probable AL Cy Young winner, got hit so hard in Game 1 of the ALDS

Fun Fact while looking at Chris Sale’s Baseball Reference page: He as led the league in HBP twice and 2 other years he was in the top 5 in the league. Furthermore, here is a strange list.

In the other ALDS game last night, Trevor Bauer, looked Sale-esque and threw 6 and 2/3 shutout 2 hit baseball. On another high note, former Cincinnati Red and all around good guy, Jay Bruce, hit a 2 run HR to open up the lead last night. The Indians look like the real deal and their pitching might carry them all the way. This pitching staff feels so much like the late 90’s Braves.

Last note: can we please pick different names for the clubs from Cleveland and Atlanta soon? Perhaps this offseason. I think the Cleveland Erie would make for a great name (a ghost for a mascot?!) and the Atlanta Traffic could be fun too (cars, buses, trucks for mascots, with a big loop for another logo, or if we’re sticking with the bird theme (Falcons, Hawks) perhaps the Atlanta Kites (bird or inanimate flying object) or Atlanta Owls or Atlanta Osprey.


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