March Madness

I’m a baseball fan, but I grew up in the era of Jordan. When I was a kid Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were the heroes to every kid. I don’t spend much time following basketball, although I enjoyed Lebron in Cleveland (version 1). I decided to fill out a bracket this year just for the fun of it. So far I’m doing reasonably well.

Good picks:
Hawaii over Cal
Wichita State over Arizona
Providence over USC
VCU over Oregon State
Northern Iowa over Texas

Frustratingly wrong picks:
Cincinnati (should have won) over Saint Joe’s
Michigan State losing to Middle Tennessee State
SF Austin over West Virginia

My bracket

That Time An SR-71 Made An Emergency Landing In Norway

“Bodø Approach, Belmont 86, six-zero miles west, declaring an in-flight emergency, request straight-in approach to land on runway zero seven.”

“Belmont 86, say aircraft type, nature of emergency, souls-on-board, and fuel remaining.”

“Bodø Approach, Belmont 86, US Air Force Tactical, engine problem, 2 souls, zero plus four-five fuel-on-board.“Belmont 86, say again aircraft type.”

“Bodø Approach, Belmont 86, US Air Force Tactical.”“Belmont 86, I do not understand your aircraft type.”

“This is Belmont 86, we will land in approximately 10 minutes and I will deploy 3 drag parachutes: 2 small and one 40-foot chute. I will jettison all three on the runway. I don’t have time now to talk.”

Source: That Time An SR-71 Made An Emergency Landing In Norway After Spying On The Soviets