Field of Vision

My father and his father (and just about all my relatives) are big football (college and NFL) fans. Since 2010 (the year my wife and I started dating) I have cut my football watching down to a game or so a year. This short film encapsulates one of the main reasons I’m done supporting football at all.

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True Purposes

This illustration is part of a regular Friday series from a blog that generally is aimed at or made for women, but is filled with content that is delightful and insightful.

Source: A Cup of Jo

Recently on Reddit – 18 October 2017

The third in an ongoing series

Why is Todd on a New Yorker cover from BoJackHorseman

This tree I found hiking looks like a forest monster watching over you.
Moostache man – brushed ink
Tiny recreations of all four Playstations
This “Not OJ” license plate on a white Ford Bronco
This guy should be the new team mascot
What a view
Tourists trying to take a picture at Eiffel Tower get photobombed by a cyclist
The robot uprising will be goofier than we expected
Wolverine first and last poster..